Karur Book Fair – 2022


District Collector Dr.T.Prabhushankar I.A.S released the MASCOT designed in the name of “Noolan and Nooli” centered on Devangu fauna in Karur District Collector’s office today (13.08.2022)

On the occasion of the Karur Book Festival, the Devangu animal living in the forests of Kadavur has been selected. To protect this species, the Tamil Nadu Government has announced that a Devangu sanctuary will be set up in Kadavur, and to realize gender equality and to symbolize the equal rights of the differently-abled, Noolan and Nooli have been designed with the symbol (MASCOT).

The Concept

According to the instructions of Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, Hon’ble Minister of Electricity, Prohibition and Excise Minister, District Administration, South Indian Booksellers and Publishers Association, Library and Reader’s Circle in Karur district organized a grand book festival – 2022 (19.08.2022 to 29.08..2022) Karur New The Hon’ble Minister of Electricity, Prohibition and Excise is going to preside over and inaugurate a grand book festival with 100 halls on 19.08.2022 at Thirumadianyur, where the new bus stand is proposed to be located.

This book festival will have 100 book halls, archeology museum, planetarium, short film theater, restaurant and many other special features.

Every day more than 4000 school and college students are organized to attend the book festival. Every day from 04.00 pm to 06.00 pm there will be art performances by school and college students and awareness programs against drug addiction.

The Detail

140 halls have been set up in this book festival including government and private halls. It will feature 90 book publishers. Books for all age groups are available from Rs.10 to Rs.1000. In this, lakhs of books on 50,000 topics like art, literature, society, philosophy, historical novelties, self-reliance, self-improvement, medicine and guide books for all government jobs including IAS, IPS are gathered under one roof for the readers to visit. The Tamil Nadu Government Textbook Association is also participating in this book fair. This book fair is organized by the district administration so that the rural students can get different kinds of books near their residences. A special discount of 10% will be given on all books sold here. Also, arrangements have been made for the participation of 5000 students per day and they can buy and read books according to their needs. Also, all the facilities have been arranged for 20000 readers to come and buy books every day.

Every day from 10 am to 6 pm, all the programs like art shows, speech contests, reading competitions are going to be held for the school students to bring out their knowledge and skills.

Likewise, the best speakers of the Tamil speaking world will take part in the thought arena every day and give speeches on various advices, theories and jokes.

Also, a science planetarium has been set up to realistically see the daily events of space.

In addition, on behalf of the Department of Archeology and the Museum, more than one thousand square feet of archeological artifacts found on the living culture of the Chera Tamils ​​of the Union period are displayed in order to know the antiquity of the Tamils.

Also selected knowledge-based world movies as short films for the benefit of students

Daily Events
Date Event Video
19-08-2022 Inauguration Click Here
20-08-2022 First Day Click Here
21-08-2022 Second Day Click Here
22-08-2022 Third Day Click Here
23-08-2022 Fourth Day Click Here
24-08-2022 Fifth Day Click Here
25-08-2022 Sixth Day Click Here
26-08-2022 Seventh Day Click Here
27-08-2022 Eighth Day Click Here
28-08-2022 Ninth Day Click Here
29-08-2022 Tenth Day Click Here
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