Co-operation , Food and Consumer Protection

Details about office:

The main objectives of Cooperative institution is to provide agricultural and non-agricultural credit at reasonable rate in rural areas. The Consumer items distributed through the stores and marketing of Agricultural Produce at reasonable and renumerative price through Cooperative Marketing Societies. In karur district all the Cooperative Institution are under the control of Joint Registrar of Cooperative Societies.

The office of the Joint Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Karur Region is a District level office functioning under the control of Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Chennai. The Joint Registrar office is located in the Karur District Collectorate Campus at Integrated Cooperative Complex behind SP Office. The Karur, Kulithalai Circle Offices and Deputy Registrar(PDS) offices are functioning under the control of Joint Registrar of Cooperative Societies. The office of the Deputy Registrar(PDS) also functioning at Integrated Cooperative Complex behind the SP Office.

Details of the Cooperative Societies functioning in Karur District:-

S.No Type of Societies Karur Circle Kulithalai Circle Total
1 District Consumer Cooperative Whole Sale Store 1 1
2 District Cooperative Union 1 1
3 District Cooperative Press 1 1
4 Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Society 47 37 84
5 Urban Cooperative Bank 1 1 2
6 Primary Cooperative Agricultural and Rural Development Bank 2 1 3
7 Agricultural Producer’s  Cooperative Marketing Society 1 1 2
8 Employees Cooperative Credit and Thrift society 12 6 8
9 Primary Cooperative Stores 1 1
10 Lift Irrigation Cooperative Society 2 1 3
11 Student Cooperative Stores 1 4 5
Total 70 51 121

Details of the Services Provided by the Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Societies:-

The Cooperative play a vital role in uplifting the poor and downtrodden by extending timely crop loans; interest free crop loans to those farmers who repay loans promptly on due dates. Investment credit for all agriculture and allied activities: providing storage facilities for agricultural produce; providing timely supply of fertilizers, seeds and other agricultural inputs. Interest free loans provided to differently abled persons. The Cooperative Credit Societies also extend jewel loan, micro credit to small traders, housing loan and Small Road Transport Operators (SRTO) loan.

In Karur District, there are 84 Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Societies. Agricultural Credit includes crop loan and loans extended for allied agricultural purposes like purchase of farm machineries, micro irrigation and milch animals. Non Agricultural credit includes loan for housing, income generating activities of Self Help Groups and Non-Farm sectors. The concept of group lending among farmers has also been widely promoted. Distribution and sale of Agricultural inputs like fertilizers, seeds and small agricultural implements have also and small agricultural implements have also been taken up by the Cooperative Societies. In addition, 583 Public Distribution System outlets are run by Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Societies and other institution.

Crop Loan:

Crop loan is the most important component of agricultural credit extended by Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Societies. Efforts have been made to achieve inclusiveness in crop loan disbursal by extending loans to new farmers including farmers belonging to SC/ST category. The Government considers that timely availability of low cost credit is essential to maintain agricultural production cycle and increase the income of the farmers. Accordingly, interest rate on crop loans extended by the cooperative societies has been reduced from 9% to 7% and the State Government reimbursement the loss of 2% interest to the cooperatives over and above the interest subvention received from the Government of India. In addition, no interest is charged on crop loan from the farmers who repay it within the due date, notwithstanding the 7% interest fixed on the crop loan. The State Government bears the interest subsidy and interest subvention for crop loan, which is directly paid to the cooperative institution.

Investment Credit for Agricultural and Allied activities:-

Investment credit in agriculture is encouraged facilitate capital formation, which is critical for sustained growth of agricultural production.

Details of the Services Provided by Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Societies:

S. No. Type of the Loan / Services
1 Crop Loan
2 General Jewel loan
3 Agri Joint Liability Group Loan
4 Medium Term Loan (Under Personal Surety)
5 Medium Term Loan based on Mortgage –  Small Size Diary, Poultry, Tractor etc.,
6 Small Irrigation Loan – Bore well, Motor, Drip Irrigation, Wall for the Bore well.
7 Loan for the Disabled person
8 Self Help Group Loans based on savings
9 TABCEDCO LOAN(Backward Class)
10 TAMCO LOAN (Minorities)
11 Common Service Centers

Details of the Loans Provided by the Urban Cooperative Bank

In Karur District, Karur and Kulithalai Urban Cooperative Banks are functioning and covered urban areas in both of the circles as area of operation . Urban Cooperative bank provides different types of loans to the members as follows,

S.No. Type of the Loan
1 Jewel Loan
2 Small Scale Trade Loan
3 Self Help Group Loan
4 Non Farm Sector Loan
5 House Construction Loan
6 House Mortgage Loan
7 Loan for the Entrepreneurs
8 Amma Petty Traders Loan
9 Women Entrepreneur Loan
10 Loan for the Working Women
11 Maternity Loan

Amma Marunthagam

Quality Medicines at a discount of 15% are sold through “ Amma Marunthagam” run by Karur District Consumer Cooperative Whole Store for the benefit of public.

Public Distribution System

The Government of Tamil Nadu is committed to provide food security to all. In order to achieve this goal, the Government of Tamil Nadu have been implementing Universal Public Distribution System. All the PDS outlets have on triple-A formula, that is Availability, Accessibility and Affordability. The Universal character of Public Distribution System in Tamil Nadu has been widely appreciated as an effective tool to provide food safety net to all without any exclusion. On the directions of the Honorable Chief Minister, the Government of Tamil Nadu have been supplying rice under Public Distribution System free of cost since 01.06.2011.

As per sub-section (1) of section 15 of the National Food Security Act, Tamil Nadu State Government shall appoint or designate, for each district, an officer to be the District Grievance of the Redressal Officer for expeditious and effective redressal of grievances of the aggrieved persons in matters relating to distribution of entitled food grains or meals and to enforce the entitlements under the Act.

The supply of food grains will be uniform both for priority and non-priority households under Universal Public Distribution System.

Karur District Jewel Loan Waiver Eligible Beneficiary List