Geology & Mining

The office of the Deputy Director of Geology and Mining, Karur District is functioning from 18.03.2000 Mineral administration work of the District Collector is assisted by the Mines Section consisting of One Deputy Director, One Assistant Director and Two Special Revenue Inspectors (Mines). The functions of the Department are to investigate and assess the mineral deposits and carrying out the mineral administration works.

The Deputy Director (Geology and Mining) is functioning as the ex-officio Personal Assistant to the Collector in Mineral Administration works. In the District, the mineral administration work is entrusted with the Collector. The Deputy Director (Geology and Mining) is playing the dual role as the technical head and as well Personal Assistant to the Collector.

The functions of the Deputy Director (Geology and Mining) Karur is as follows:

  • To ensure technical appraisal or processing of the applications for the grant of Prospecting license / Mining/ Quarrying lease, as the case may be for both Major and Minor Minerals.
  • To guide the applicants, the main conjunctive and effective use of available mineral resources in proper way in mineral based industries.
  • To prevent illicit quarrying and clandestine removal of mineral resources.
  • To conduct regular inspection of mines and quarries and monitoring the Mineral Administration.
  • Regulate the transportation of minerals by issuing of transport permit and despatch slips to the concerned lessees to transport the quarried minerals from their respective leasehold area.
  • Collection of Mineral revenue viz., Seigniorage fee, Royalty etc., from the lessees.
  • Seizure of vehicles which are involved in illicit transportation of minerals, there by increasing the revenue augmentation to the Government from the Mining sector.

District Survey Reports

Category Link
Granite (பலவண்ண கற்கள்) Click Here (3 MB)
Gravel (கிராவல்) Click Here (3 MB)
Limestone (சுண்ணாம்பு கற்கள்) Click Here (3 MB)
Magnesite and Dunite (மேக்னசைட் மற்றும் டுனைட்) Click Here (3 MB)
Rough Stone (சாதாரண கற்கள்) Click Here (3 MB)
Quartz and Feldspar (குவார்ட்ஸ் மற்றும் ஃபெல்ஸ்பார்) Click Here (4 MB)
Sand (மணல்) Click Here (7 MB)

Contact Details:

The Deputy Director,
Department of Geology and Mining,
Room No.302, 3rd Floor,
Karur – 639007.

Phone: 04324-255113
email: mine[dot]tnkar@nic[dot]in, mine[dot]tnkar@gmail[dot]com