Public Grievance Day Meeting through Video Conference

Bharat VC App Download

Mobile App Download Link:

Or The app may be downloaded by scanning the following QR code


Note: After installed the app on the mobile phone, enter the meeting id / password only through the given link in the next to join the meeting and please do not try to login with the username.

To join in the GDP VC

Link to join the VC:

Or One may join in the Video Conference by scanning the following QR code

Bharat VC GDP Link.

Meeting ID: 7534956730 Password : 123456
The link will be working only on Mondays between 10.30 AM and 2 PM. Actual meeting will be 11 AM to 2 PM

Terms and Conditions

  1. GDP meeting will be conducted between the stipulated time only.
  2. District Administration will not be liable for any technical issues. (eg., power cut, cell phone network issues, call disconnected etc.,)
  3. All official decorum should be maintained by public.
  4. The public will be given the opportunity only in the order in which they joined the meeting. They need to wait for their chance.